Necklace Trends for 2021 You Need to Know About



What necklaces can you expect to see more of this year? From extra-large link necklaces to long pendant necklaces, there are many awesome trends you should keep your eyes on.

Here are four necklace trends to update your jewelry collection for the season!

Minimalist design

We definitely think that sometimes less is more. Especially when it’s an accessory completing your outfit. 

Minimalist jewelry is characterized by simplicity and designed in a simple and elegant way with minimal decorative elements. Trends change but one thing is sure: if you have minimalist jewelry in your collection you will always have simple pieces handy to add any outfit.

Long pendant necklaces

A pendant necklace—especially one that's long—will get all the compliments this year. Compared to the past few seasons filled with chokers, we’re delighted to see long necklaces are finally back in trend.

A beautiful pendant is what makes a necklace complete. Have you seen our collection? Just how pretty is our Nazare - Silver pendant?!


Chains Everywhere

Chains have been dominating jewelry trends in the past few years. And the good news? They’re not going anywhere.

If you’re after 2021 necklace trends, then everything from heavy, chunky links to subtle chains should be added to your wardrobe this season.

We offer our necklaces with two types of chains – link and rope – so you can choose what suits you better.

Eco-Friendly Jewelry

Environmentally-friendly jewelry is a relatively young category that includes the recycling of old jewelry, fair trade” jewelry – which means jewelry made under ethical working conditions – and jewelry brands whose mission is environmental protection.

For instance, many brands, including Cliffchains, plant a tree after every product you buy to help promote sustainability. These brands definitely make a difference in the world.

Our mission is to contribute to a sustainable future by planting a tree after every product you buy. We are proud to be a company with a green end-goal in mind.


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