How to Make Your Home Office Eco-Friendly (With 5 Examples)


With most of us working from home due to the pandemic, we brought you 5 easy-to-make ideas on how you can make your home office eco-friendly. Check them out and start upgrading your workspace right now!

1.) Reuse and repurpose

Every now and then, we need some changes in our home to refresh it a bit. Especially, if your home now functions as your office as well.

Planning the ideal workspace is essential in order to stay balanced and motivated in the long run. However, instead of buying new stuff, you can simply reuse and repurpose some of your old furniture you were about to throw away.


2.) Shop Vintage

After you double-checked to see if there’s something you can repurpose what you already have in your house, you might realize you still need to buy a few additional pieces. However, instead of running and buying something new, make sure to check the secondhand market and shop vintage.

Etsy, for example, has a wide-range of secondhand furniture and homewares.


3.) Go Paperless

Home office calls for new processes. Given the digital age we now live in, chances are you don’t even need to purchase a printer in your home office. Instead, you can simply rely on cloud storage service and digital pay stubs.

Also, make sure to encourage the management of your company to go paperless and reduce the amount of printers in the office.


4.) Decorate Your Room With Plants

There are so many benefits of having plants in your home. Besides their value as decoration, plants reduce carbon emissions while also purifying the air in your home office.
There are a few plants that we especially recommend for their ability to clean the air, for example the Devil’s Ivy, Dwarf Date Palm, Peace Lily and Philodendron.


5.) Water With Used Water

Once you decorated your home office with air purifying plants, don’t forget to take care of them. Our eco-friendly tip here is to water your plants with used water.

You can use, for example, the water you wash or cook your vegetables in, or the water that collects in a bucket by the door during a thunderstorm.

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