5 Reasons for Rewilding


As there are only a few places left on our planet untouched by humans, our biodiversity is decreasing at an unprecedented rate. And this is why we need to talk about rewilding.

If you’re wondering about the term ‘rewilding’, it’s an environmental movement aimed at restoring native flora and fauna.

Rewilding has ecological, social and economic benefits. We’ll show you five reason why it is so important.

Rewilding Prevents Natural Disasters

Ecosystems provide us with clean air and water, store carbon and prevent soil erosion, wildfires and most importantly flooding. Tree roots act as channels to draw rainwater deeper underground, disabling water to run overland. The roots also hold soil together, preventing soil erosion and landslides in times of heavy raining and flooding.

Local Communities Will Flourish

As traditional sectors such as farming becomes more and more unprofitable, rural areas are often left by locals as younger generations seek a better life in the city. In such rural places, rewilding provides new opportunities: with the return of trees, for example, new profitable activities appear, such as nature based tourism, wood products, hunting, fishing, hiking and others.

Helps Wildlife Fight against Climate Change

By rewilding key areas, we can help wildlife adapt to and even fight against climate change. Rewilding allows animals to move to new habitats as climate zones shift north. As a result, a significant number of species can be saved from decline or extinctions caused by climate change.

Prevents Mass Extinctions

According to research, nearly half of all mammals surveyed had lost more than 80% of their distribution between 1900 and 2015. Based on this shocking data, it’s clear that without significant changes, our wildlife will suffer irreversible consequences. With the reintroduction of keystone species to reconstruct food chains, however, the next mass extinctions can be reversed.

Improves Health and Wellbeing

The more nature we have, the more it can provide to us, including clean water, breathable air, healthy soils, unprocessed food and ultimately good health. That is why it’s essential that we work to restore the natural flora and fauna, ensuring everyone has access to nature, even in urban areas.

We hope we managed to convince you about the importance of rewilding. Keep in mind, you can always do something for a better tomorrow. This is why we started our Chliffchains journey and why we decided to plant a tree after each purchase.

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